12 Oct

What are the most popular social media sites and which should I choose?
That’s a tricky one as there are so many platforms and every single of them is different. But at the start you probably want to start from one of the most popular social media sites, so let’s check its specifics, according to Social Media Examiner’s survey (http://live-socialmediaexaminer.pantheon.io/SocialMediaMarketingIndustryReport2015.pdf).

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93% of all Internet users
focuses mainly on entertainment and is centered around sharing photos, links, and personal thoughts

79% of all internet users
popular as it offers bite-sized content, messages are limited to 140 characters

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71% of all internet users
most popular site for professional networking

56% of all internet users
it’s said that it’s popular among those who are interested in relationship marketing

55% of all internet users
a video sharing service, its users watch 1 billion videos daily!

45% of all internet users
80% of them are women and 20% are men
ideal for “visual” industries like food, decor, clothing, etc.

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36% of all internet users
as well as Pinterest it’s perfect for “visual” industries
you can easily share your Instagram posts to other networks (e.g. Facebook or Twitter)